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Posted on: February 9th 2012

From: Writing Our Own Myths, by Oliver Lee (Form 5)Have you ever felt that you were being treated unfairly? Or did you ever wish to be set free? Arthur, a bold young man from Crete, felt exactly that as he had been locked in prison for something he had not done and one day a prison warden came to the door of his cell and told him he was to be set free, but at a price.The guard told Arthur that he was to get the key for the King’s treasure chest but it was guarded by a four legged monster that held a six foot sword made of titanium. The monster had two four and a half feet long razor sharp fangs.‘This monster has killed eight of the King’s best men!’ said the guard.‘Eight fully trained soldiers! How do you expect me to beat it?!’ exclaimed Arthur.‘These are the King’s orders, not mine,’ explained the guard. ‘Come on now you have got to get changed into something more suitable to see the king.’ And the guard led Arthur off down the corridor.Arthur was changed into armour which was made of hardened steel but it was still one of the lightest suits of armour ever made. He was led down another of the castle’s long corridors and into a grand hall which was the throne room. The sight overwhelmed Arthur; there were marble pillars and varnished oak tables. The trays, goblets and dishes on the table were made of solid silver! This was too much for Arthur – anymore and he would faint…‘Hello,’ boomed the king and just then, Arthur fainted. Several guards went to help him.‘Oliver,’ boomed the king (The king did a lot of booming)‘Yes Sir!’ said the guard who had brought Arthur.‘I want you to explain to me why you have brought me such a weak hearted teenager?’‘Well…I …um I … because… I …’ the guard stammered.‘You’re FIRED, F-I-R-E-D, Fired!!’The guard rushed quickly out of the room, crying, just as Arthur got up. The king was upset at first but soon changed his mind. The kind was a tall, very large man (A lot like Henry VIII)…

To be continued…

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