☰ Reception Identify their Zone of Regulation

Reception Identify their Zone of Regulation

Posted on: January 24th 2020

Reception Identify their Zone of Regulation

The Reception children have been learning to identify their Zone of Regulation. This term, we have introduced the concept of four ‘Zones’ represented by a different colour. Children who can identify their current zone, know what actions they need to take to get into the desired zone.

The green zone is the desired zone; this is when they are feeling happy and ready to learn. Throughout the day, the children identify which zone they are in. This starts with the morning routine where they complete the self-registration writing their name in the colour pen that links to how they are feeling.

In circle time, the children again identify their zone. Children that are not in the desired zone, ask their peers for help to get back into the green zone. For example, one child said that she was in the yellow zone because she felt worried about playtime. Children in the circle volunteered to help by making suggestions such as ‘you can play with me’ and ‘I will teach you a game’. The child thanked the children for their help and care.

After playtime the pupil who asked for help happily announced she was in the green zone, ready to learn. 

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