☰ Ms Habgood's Blog: Thursday 8th February, 6pm

Ms Habgood's Blog: Thursday 8th February, 6pm

Posted on: February 8th 2013

In Animal Farm who or what are the main characters representative of? This was the question that my Form 6 General Studies class were investigating on Friday last week and will be continuing this week. And they love it! They’ve already got their eye on Snowball as Trotsky…I am at a Governance Meeting tomorrow (Friday), where I present our section of our Self Evaluation on The Curriculum and Teaching and Learning; I am brimming with excitement! I have lots of evidence from videos and photos that the teachers have taken, to examples of written and art work that reflect the great things that are happening. I, true to form, have to go home tonight and put the final version together (I seem to enjoy working to tight deadlines!) but can’t wait to show the quality of work from our children.

It has also been a busy few weeks in making appointments for our myriad maternity leaves, but again I’m thrilled with the teachers that we have found in our rather ‘particular’ hunt for the right people to work with our pupils! All teachers’ names and announcements will be made in good time of their respective start dates, once they’ve had chance to get into school and complete their handovers with the current teachers. We will also ensure we arrange an informal ‘Meet and Greet’ for each new class teacher once they’ve had a few days to settle in!

Finally, it’s been a pleasure this week seeing our Form 5 parents and embarking on the next step of the Senior School Process, with our school recommendations. They also caught up to discuss progress, particularly in Maths and English and were thrilled to find out how much the children are enjoying their new English groups and writing Mystery Stories! It is impressive to see the level our children write at independently with such excellent input from their teachers. Do read their ‘Writers’ Corner’ openers… I think most of us would be hard pressed to write some of those phrases without thinking carefully about them!

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