☰ News from James Debenham - Progressing from Norfolk House School

News from James Debenham - Progressing from Norfolk House School

Posted on: November 28th 2014

I’m James Debenham and I attended school at Norfolk House from 2004 for 7 years before moving schools to UCS in 2011. I embraced the newfound sense of anticipation and apprehension, as I initiated my great journey to secondary school. Before stepping foot in the hall of UCS on my first day, I had never had such a unique experience: new, unfamiliar faces all staring at another unfamiliar face speaking to us all. It came as a great shock to me, but you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by it all.

The first few weeks are always worrying, everybody undergoes the same thought process: “Will I ever make another best friend?” and “I wish I could’ve just stuck with all of my old friends.” I fretted about those exact thoughts myself and I’m sure you might think about that during those first terms of year 7. Take my word for certain, after the first year, you will love secondary school.

Norfolk House moulded me into the person I am today, and I couldn’t thank them enough for that. Without a doubt if you can maintain the passion and motivation you are fuelled with at this school, it will get you the results you need. Teachers and parents can tell you it is a huge step-up from primary to secondary. It is steady but there is no reason to fear it at all. Keep at it and take the opportunities that gradually arrive from your time at school, and most importantly, just enjoy it!

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