☰ News from Meg - Progressing from Norfolk House

News from Meg - Progressing from Norfolk House

Posted on: July 3rd 2015

Hello, I am Meg Demeritt, I just turned 14 and was at NHS between reception and year 6, my sister Alice is still there, in year 5. I went on to Channing School where I am currently in year 9 and have just chosen my GCSEs. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started Channing, but liked the fact I could easily walk to school. I met a girl in my year who lives up the road from me walking to school and we have walked to school together for 3 years now.

Channing tries not to put you in a form with kids who went to your previous school, so I had to make new friends, which I did. I settled into Channing quickly. The Channing girls live quite close to school, which makes meeting up easy. I enjoy Channing because the teaching is very stimulating and the school trips have been fun. I’m going on the ski trip next year and next week I am doing my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award practice – a 25 mile hike. In year 8 I also spent a term in the US, as my parents were on sabbatical, I went to Orono Middle School in Maine, New England, which was really good fun. I made lots of new friends who I now do things with every summer we go there. It is interesting comparing the different school systems. I started cheerleading at OMS and then took it up when I returned to Channing; I was in the Channing Eagles and North London Wolves but I am now just in the Wolves and we have won two out of the three LDCA competitions we have competed in.

Channing is a bit more laid back than NHS, but NHS got me ready for Channing by giving us homework and expecting good behaviour. The main differences between NHS and Channing are the size, I went from having 16 people in my class to around 25, but having smaller classes in NHS helped me learn basic skills with more support from the teachers. The other major difference is in the fact that NHS is mixed and Channing is all girls, at NHS I really enjoyed being able to mix with the boys but now, as I get closer towards my GCSE’s, I think it is easier to concentrate and focus on my work without them. My favourite subject is Drama, I really enjoy taking on a role and having to commit to a completely different personality. This was probably helped by the fact that I participated in all of the NHS school productions and that I go to a community theatre camp every summer in Maine. NHS helped me manage my work load very well, having homework diaries, etc; and my teachers at NHS taught me many study skills and ways I could improve my learning techniques. My fondest memory of NH was in year 6 when we were planning our end of year skit, we looked over and re-enacted our favourite memories from each year and most of us got very emotional. I was also very pleased to win the head teachers medal that year - that was a big surprise. I enjoyed my time at NHS and I know that my sister is enjoying it just as much as me!

Meg's first day at Norfolk House!

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