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Norfolk House Music Ensemble

Posted on: November 28th 2014

The Ensemble

Norfolk House School have recently arranged for a new group of KS2 children to perform and show their talents. All of the children love this idea and here is what some of the children think:

Maria Sophocli (Head of music):
‘I play the saxophone in the ensemble.
I agree that this is a very good idea. We are taught by a teacher called Mr Cannon who studied music at Trinity college.I believe that teamwork is very important in the ensemble since you have to sound tuneful as a whole, working together to make the piece of music flow and sound melodic. A few of the ensemble children will be playing in the Creative Curriculum. Good Luck’

Maria Redko (Head girl):
‘I play the piano in the ensemble
 and I think this is a very good opportunity to show off your talent and improve your teamwork. In addition to this, we build trust as we have to rely on each other to play our part and to not make mistakes because it would make the ensemble sound out of tune. Mr Cannon is a great teacher because he teaches us various musical skills and even composes or edits pieces of music to best suit us. I always look forward to the ensemble. I always look forward to the fun we have there and enjoy every moment of it!’  

Charlotte Chan (Head of netball and chess):
‘I play the piano in the ensemble
 and I feel and appreciate that Mr Cannon tries his best and prepares us very well for events. Also he teaches us varied scales and recently we have learnt the G major pentatonic scale and then did an improvisation on it and will perform it at the Creative Curriculum event.’ 

For younger pupils Mr Cannon is thinking about creating a Ks1 ensemble. 

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