☰ Out of School Interests: Ice Skating - by Joseph, Form 2

Out of School Interests: Ice Skating - by Joseph, Form 2

Posted on: November 8th 2013

I do ice-skating at Alexandra Palace three times a week. I started skating even before I came to Norfolk House! I really enjoy it because I get to practise my skills, for example, a 'three jump', which is a curved jump, rotating and landing on a different foot, a 'three turn', a 'mohawk', and 'backward crossovers'. It can be cold at the ice-rink but not if you are skating around! I love ice skating because it’s easy to balance and move.

I am in the show at Alexandra Palace this Christmas. The Disney fairytale this year, is 'The Little Mermaid'. I normally have rehearsals on Sundays and they are really enjoyable. I am one of the starfishes in the show and we are doing quite a lot of shows and rehearsals, which means I have to miss a little bit of school near Christmas so that I can do the performances. I would love you to book tickets to come and see me. (details are up on the school notice board in the courtyard)

By Joseph in Form 2

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