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‘Out of School’

Posted on: May 2nd 2013

My name is Isabel and I’m seven years old. I really like dancing and I do ballet and tap lessons every week.

I think I was two years old when I started ballet. Now in my ballet lessons I am doing Grade 1 ballet and character dance too. I wear a pink leotard, ballet tights or socks, and pink ballet shoes, and then we switch over to character shoes. They are black and have a sort of soft leathery, canvas feel. They have a small heel. I am only beginning the character dance this term and I prefer it to ballet even though we haven’t had that many lessons so far.

At Christmas our ballet class was in a show called The Nutcracker and I was a snowflake.

I was four years old when I started tap dancing. My tap shoes look a bit similar to my character shoes but they are shiny and they have metal taps underneath. My old tap shoes had only the metal tap at the front, but now I have a bigger size (I am size 1) and my tap shoes have metal taps at the front and at the back (on the heel).

I like tap dancing because it’s fun. In tap you are bendy and floppy and flexible, but in ballet you are very straight and stiff and strict. Some of the tap steps I know are Maxie Ford, Paradidle, Shuffle-Hop-Step, and Time Step. Time Steps are the most difficult, but they are my favourite. Maxie Ford is my other favourite.

At the moment in my tap lessons we are rehearsing for our summer show and it’s going to be at the Arts Depot. It’s going to be fun and I hope it’s going to be great.

By Isabel

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