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Perform Drama Workshop

Posted on: May 1st 2015

On Friday 24th April, KS1 and Reception had an exciting start to the term with a Perform drama workshop, where the children became circus masters and carried out a range of mimes and activities. The Perform leader took the children on a magical journey about a grumpy lion who did not want to perform. The children became clowns to entertain the lion and change his mind.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and were fully involved with the activities. They used their imaginations and worked well together as a group.

Following on from the excitement on the day, this week Pre-Prep have been learning about recounts in their English lessons and have written a recount about their morning with Richard the ringmaster. We thought it would be nice to share a couple of these recounts with you. Enjoy!

A Drama Circus by Millie R.

Last Friday morning Pre-Prep and Mrs Gormley and Mrs Bolton went to the Baptist Church to do some drama circus skills. When we got there, there was a man called Richard the Ringmaster. First we pretended to juggle. Then we did some tightrope walking. Next we pretended we were a rodeo rider. After that we pretended to ride a unicycle. Then we put on our big red noses and our big boots and our wigs. Then he said there was a lion called Leo that did not want to perform. He said Leo would only perform if clowns made him laugh. We were clowns so we made him laugh and laugh. Finally we went back to school after a lovely drama lesson.

Our Drama Adventure by Sasha G.

Last Friday Pre-Prep went to do drama based on circus skills. We went at 9:30 – 10:30. The church was in Dukes Avenue. In the church we acted as a clown who had a squeaky nose. Then we were a Rodeo Rider who said YeeHaa. It was fun doing the Rodeo Rider. Next we acted out a unicycle. Finally Richard the man who taught us these things said there was a lion who doesn’t want to do the show. We tried to help and we did. I had a great time! Then we went back to school.

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