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PGL 2017

Posted on: June 22nd 2017

Form 4, last week, went to Marchants Hill to experience PGL!! They had the most fantastic time: learning how to work as a team; develop their resilience; try new experiences and activities; sleep in a cabin away from their parents… All of the children loved their time there! Below is a diary entry from one of their days there:

Dear Diary,

On Tuesday afternoon, we were at PGL! My group were scheduled to do abseiling - I couldn’t wait! We walked through the cool, shady woods singing loudly and eventually arrived at the abseiling tower, we were instructed to put our harnesses on - which we all had experience doing already so did it quite quickly. Then our instructor, Rachel, told us how to abseil down the tower by putting our left hand under the ‘penguin’(a clasp that looks like a penguin beak) and our right hand just below. Next, she told us that to go down the tower we had to push the rope through the penguin.

When we were ready to abseil we walked up the tall tower in partners. Mrs Smith went first, she abseiled down the tower, showing us how to do it. When she reached the ground, Holly and I ran across the gravel to help her take off her carabenas. Leonard followed Mrs Smith, then it was my turn to abseil down the tall, wooden tower.

We all thought it was a brilliant activity and I learnt not to look down! It was a thrilling and quite scary afternoon - but I am glad I did it! I think I would recommend abseiling to adventurous people who definitely are not scared of heights!!!

Keya Shah.

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