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Poetry Competition

Posted on: October 16th 2015

To mark National Poetry Day Ms Habgood invited students to submit a poem based on the theme of 'Light'. Winners will be announced after Half Term.

Lots of entries have been received, here are just a few;

Glory To The Light! 

In the night,
When I get a fright,
The bright light,
Calms me.
Glory to the light!
When I’m dismayed,
The light laid,
A soft hand
On me.
Glory to the light!
Sweet, tender light,
Gives me strength and might,
Light is totally right,
At everything.
Glory to the light!
By Luke Chesney 5O


Show Yourself Light    

Why Shant You Show Your Light,

Our One And Only Source Of Might,

The Thing That Rids Us Of Winter,

The Cold, The Snow, The Splinter


The Splinter Is What Brings The Dim,

The Darkness Is Our Sin,

Why Will Thee Not Show,

Thy Is Pure Beauty, Thou Should Know,


Let Light Be Brought To Life,

Not Let Darkness Impale Like A Knife,

Light Should Be Shown Not Hidden,

Darkness Shall Be Forbidden,

Why Shant You Show your Light,

You Are A Friend Not A Fright,

You Cure Us From The Darkness,

The Cold...The Snow… The Heartless

By Beth Brockleby



Falling from the sky comes light,

to enlighten us to make us happier.

Warm light,cold light.

Bright light shadowy light.

All different kinds but never feel the same.

But imagine if the sun vanished.


All in darkness, no way to see.

Different forms of light will disappear,

leaving the earth to freeze.All cold.

Our red giant star ceasing to exist.

Bruno Varney

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