☰ Pupil Recount: Form 6 at the RAF Museum

Pupil Recount: Form 6 at the RAF Museum

Posted on: March 28th 2014

On a sunny Thursday morning, Form 6 set out to RAF museum. We saw huge planes, real uniforms used by real members of the RAF museum and we were filled full of factual knowledge. We started our trip arriving at a WWII home scene.

Form 6 learned loads about rationing, war precautions and air raid warnings. We were even visited by our very own air raid warden! Everyone could see the huge effects war had on everyone, not just those fighting. All of us got the chance to try on a gas mask, make our very own gas mask holders and check out wartime shops and home scenes. We even found out that people in the shops had to read your list and get your food for you! As well as all of this we got to see some actual rationing tokens.

Next we went on to learn about the battle of Britain fought purely in the skies. Thanks to some very brave RAF members the battle was won. We saw every part of each unit was key in success from radar to mechanics. I have to say I was delighted to try on an actual serving woman’s uniform. It was amazingly small for a full grown woman and fit me comfortably. Everybody was given the chance to learn about radar, a key invention to win the war, and we saw colour footage of the scenes in the skies. Next, we were allowed some free time to explore the numerous exhibitions such as a speaking model of Winston Churchill and see a ‘flying’ boat. Our heads were supplied with even more information by a film on the magnificent battle with real planes that fought in it.

As you can be sure, the museum was packed with planes from the Luftwaffe, RAF and many other places as well. It was truly amazing how much detail had gone into each piece of machinery and every device. From one of the first ejecting chairs to famous planes, we saw it. All in all it was a fantastic day for everyone and we all left happy and fascinated as we hopped on our bus home.

By Annabel

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