☰ Pupil Recounts: “Why We Love Music & Drama”

Pupil Recounts: “Why We Love Music & Drama”

Posted on: January 30th 2014

At Norfolk House, we see the creative arts as a vital means of encouraging individual self-expression. We encourage our pupils to think creatively and to apply this approach to their general academic studies. We wish to ensure our pupils prosper both academically and creatively.

A number of pupils at Norfolk House take part in music, dance or drama lessons. Read the pupil recounts, below, to find out what pupils enjoy most about these creative activities: 

Why I Love Playing the Piano

I have been playing the piano for two years and I really enjoy it. Playing the piano can be tricky sometimes, but practice makes perfect as Mum always says. In fact, it’s just like dribbling skills in football!If you practice half an hour a day, you will be very good at it. I took my Grade 1 piano exam in December. I practised my scales, sight-reading and my three pieces, Minuet, In a Boat and March every day for half an hour from September. The last two weeks running up to the exam day, I practised one hour everyday. On some days this was very tricky because I had to fit that round my football training, chess, swimming and homework but somehow I managed whether it was 10 mins after breakfast, 30 mins after school and 20 mins before bed to make up that hour!By exam day, I knew the pieces off by heart. It was a Saturday morning and Mum took me to the examiner’s house. The piano was huge but I tried to stay calm. I played my three pieces from memory. The exam was 12 minutes long but it felt like seconds.I got my results back during the Christmas holidays, and my score was 139. My piano teacher told me that was a high distinction and she was very proud of me. I was so happy and ran up and down the stairs screaming! The best thing was Mum and Dad bought me Lord of the Rings for my XBOX as a reward!By Oliver C Stagecoach Hello, I am Maria and I would like to speak to you about Stagecoach in Highgate. I feel that Stagecoach is an amazing place to let your talent show if you enjoy dance, acting or drama.I have been at Stagecoach for nearly three terms and I go there once per week. These are three hour long sessions and you can either go on Saturday or Friday. I feel I have gained confidence on standing in front of a crowd and projecting my voice.A little boy from Stagecoach became Simba in a huge Broadway production of the Lion King. WOW! Isn’t that amazing? And it is all because of Stagecoach. This is the chance of a lifetime for him. Don’t you think?By Maria

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