☰ Pupil Reports: Netball and Football Fixtures

Pupil Reports: Netball and Football Fixtures

Posted on: February 14th 2014

In English, pupils have created two sports articles about their recent netball and football fixtures:


On a chilly Friday 7th of February we arrived at Broomfield park hoping for our first victory. Under the watchful eye of the rest of the girls, we had no idea how the match would turn out. Maple Walk never gave up and showed great sportsmanship throughout the match. After the first quarter, we were full of confidence after taking a lead of four goals. The final result was an outstanding 12-0! The fabulous goals were equally divided between the two shooters.

The winning team consisted of: Maddy VG (GK), Maria R (GD), Jasmine S (WD), Poppy D (C), Charlotte C (WA), Laura H (GA), Olivia F (GS).

By Laura and Poppy (Netball Captains) 


The Mill Hill Powerleague stood in our way, as Belmont waited for us, ready for glory. The sun shone on us as we ran on to the small pitch. Our two teams were ready for the fight of our lives. All of us were ready with pumping hearts and our blood racing. This was the start. The match was split into thirds. In the first third it was nil-nil. We played well and got a few shots on goal but nothing special. The second third was much more exciting, even though we lost 2-1. During this part of the match, Huey smashed the ball at the keeper and it was so hard it knocked the keeper over! In the last third it was 1-1 right until the end, but by the end of the match we were losing 3-1. Not willing to go down without a fight, right at the end of the match, Matthew took a last shot which was sadly deflected in by a Belmont shirt. On the other pitch, the other Norfolk House team were leading 2-1, but unfortunately not for long. Belmont then struck twice with two decisive goals to win the match. It was an unfortunate day for us with both teams losing 3-2.

By Euan and Huey 

Late news just in:

Norfolk House v Maple Walk, St Valentine’s DayTwo matches were played in rather dismal weather and our boys did a sterling job of beating their rivals. Final scores were: NH 8 - MW - 2 NH 8 - MW - 4Well done, boys!

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