☰ Puppet Theatre in Form 3

Puppet Theatre in Form 3

Posted on: May 14th 2021

Puppet Theatre in Form 3

Form 3 were treated to a tantalizing feast for their senses on Wednesday when they took part in a Shadow Puppet Workshop. The creative activities of designing and constructing three different puppets (opaque, transparent and translucent) supported their understanding of their science curriculum by bringing the topic of ‘Light’ to life. The children further explored how shadows are formed when light travelling from a source is blocked, that opaque materials do not let any light through, translucent materials let some light through and transparent materials let a lot of light through, and also how the size of shadows changes depending on the light source, etc. The children thoroughly enjoyed finding out more about the role of a puppeteer and our skilled puppeteer, from Little Angel Puppet Theatre, explained the process behind making puppets before the children had a go themselves. Linking with our recent literacy topic, the children created three puppets based on the theme of ‘Magic, Witches and Wizards’! Using rods and split pins, the puppets were brought to life. Finally, the class were so excited to get taught how to use and perform with their puppets.

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