☰ Queenswood Poetry Celebration

Queenswood Poetry Celebration

Posted on: July 11th 2019

Queenswood Poetry Celebration

Three Form 5 pupils recently visited Queenswood School for a poetry celebration. Read a report by Jacob and Maya:

On Tuesday 2nd of July the three of us, our parents and Mr Florez and Mrs Osborne arrived at Queenswood School for a poetry celebration afternoon. We entered the incredible library and had cakes that were laid out on the table in front of us. Surrounding us was a massive variety of different types of books: picture books, chapter books, adventure books and many, many more. While we were waiting for Professor Pango Mango, the person who was running the workshop, we looked around the library, picking up books that we liked the look of and flicking through the pages.

Then the door opened and an animated man with a bald head walked through. It must be the Professor! We were asked to sit around tables at the back of the library with around twenty children from other schools. He whizzed through the workshop, asking us to come up with lines for a group poem and talking about flamingos and different techniques to use when writing poems. At the end he put on his famous flamingo hat and did a flamingo dance whilst reciting a flamingo poem (if you think he was obsessed with flamingos, he was)! 

After the workshop we headed to the amazing theatre and we listened to Catherine Johnson, a famous historical author, talk about her book ‘Sawbones’ and how she was inspired to write it. Then the exciting moment came and they awarded books to the three winners of the competition and the Professor read out their poems which were brilliant. Sadly none of us at Norfolk House won, but it was still a great achievement for us because it was us three that had been handpicked to attend the day, along with 21 other kids across 8 different schools.

Afterwards we were all awarded a lovely poetry book and we bought some of Catherine’s books, chatted to her as she signed them and headed home. It was a real honour to be chosen to represent our school and since returning, we have received commendation certificates and written positive feedback on our poems from Pango Mango himself.

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