☰ Reception - Form of the Week

Reception - Form of the Week

Posted on: February 13th 2015

Last week the Reception children were joined by some of our older Nursery pupils on an exciting trip to the Natural History Museum.  For the nursery children, this was one of their very first school trips, so they were extra excited!  

The children responded with enthusiasm to all aspects of the trip and many, including Phoebe, Lauren and Aidan, said they loved seeing the massive robot T-rex!  Flores noted that she liked looking at the Diplodocus and measuring it with her footsteps!  Dillan learnt a new fact which was that Iguanadons have great eyesight and can see in the dark, just like cats! All in all, it was a great day with lots of sleepy, but cheery faces on the journey back to school.  

Reception's study of Dinosaurs this term concluded yesterday with a wonderful and exceptionally well-attended Dinosaur Museum Day, where the children had an opportunity to share their impressive dinosaur knowledge and wonderful work.  They had spent several weeks creating special exhibitions for the museum including dinosaur models made of junk and construction, their very own non-fiction books (complete with Contents pages!),  dinosaur land, dinosaur eggs and many mums and dads enjoyed some delicious Swamp Juice from our Herbivore Cafe!  

This has been a very engaging topic and the children have learned so much.  We are now looking forward to our next term's topic - Circus!

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