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Posted on: September 18th 2015

We have been delighted with how well the Reception children have settled into their new environment over the past few weeks.  The children have been engaging in lots of different activities and playing with new friends.  Many children are looking forward to activities and learning yet to come.  Rather than us tell you what they’ve enjoyed, we’ll let them tell you in their own words.  These are excerpts from a recent discussion about the beginning of the year:
I’m looking forward to my first time ice skating! – Poppy
I like playing with Alfred, Xander and Bailey. – Bruno
I like playing on the playground with Poppy. – Lois D.
I like playing with the other Isabella and Ava! – Isabella P.
I like playing with you too (to Isabella)! – Ava
We’re going ice skating inside!  It’s my first time! – Bella
I like writing on the whiteboards. – Alice
I like reading the books at school. – Zen
I like to play with Bella. – Sam W.
I lie playing with Bailey. – Essie
I like playing with the iPad! – Bailey
I’m looking forward to ice skating.  It’s my first time – Alexa
I like the iPads. – Xander
I like playing with Sebastian. – William
I’m looking forward to picking leaves at Highgate Woods. – Lois N.
I like playing with Lois. – Lexi
I can’t wait to go to Highgate Woods.  I’ve been there before! – Antonio
I’ve been there before too [Highgate Woods].  I go there all the time! – Freddie
I like playing with Alexa. – Sam S.
I like playing with Ava. – Isabella L.
I like playing with Charlie. – Matthieu
I like playing with Aki. – Ari
I like my school because I can play on the iPads. – Sebastian
I brought my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to school with me today! – Charlie
I can’t wait to learn about space because I have a space book at home. – Alfred
I like playing with money and the cash registers and making a shop. – Nathaniel
I like sharing books with my friends. – Aki
I like playing on the iPads with William.  – Max

We are looking forward to seeing how the children’s learning grows and their friendships flourish! 

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