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Research at an Early Age

Posted on: June 8th 2018

Research at an Early Age

Learning how to research at a young age helps children to develop a skill set that will serve them over a lifetime. These skills will not only be useful in school, but in their everyday lives as they are required to locate, manage and process ever-increasing amounts of information.  

In Form 1, we have been working with pupils to develop their research skills since the start of the year. Throughout the last two terms, the children have had the opportunity to regularly research different subjects including science and art where the teachers explain exactly what they need to research and provide them with a research question. The children have been learning to locate the relevant facts and summarise information in non-fiction books or child-friendly search engines to be able to answer specific research questions at school and at home.

So far the children have had the opportunity to enrich their general knowledge about different topics such as Modigliani the famous artist, endangered species, plants, mammals and amphibians and many other topics we have shared this year.

Form 1 have now started to apply their skills independently by coming up with their own research questions in science when enquiring about plants.  

I would like to thank all the parents for supporting their children with this initiative and for all the positive feedback about our research skills tasks.

Mrs. Jowett & Miss Howard

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