☰ Rounders Match Report - First Match of the Season

Rounders Match Report - First Match of the Season

Posted on: May 17th 2013

The first rounders match of the season took place on 15 May 2013 and what a day it was!

A very nervous Norfolk House took to the field for our first fixture of the term. Being relatively new to Rounders, we were not sure quite what to expect.

The first innings ended in our favour: 26 rounders to Gatehouse's 21. There were lots of hits and runs by Norfolk, but more impressive was the amount of children we were able to stump out.

The second innings saw Gatehouse score a total of 16 and a half rounders, and Norfolk scored 11 but only on 15 balls as we ran out of time to continue.

A very successful game and we were all thrilled with the win.

Miss Williamson

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