☰ Sadie: 'My Time at Norfolk House'

Sadie: 'My Time at Norfolk House'

Posted on: September 17th 2014

My name is Sadie and I was at Norfolk house for seven years (Reception until Form 6) and this is my first year in Fortismere School my secondary school.

At the end of Year 6, my main worry was the size. Compared to secondary schools, Norfolk house is tiny, so I kept worrying how I would find my way around the school and get to my classes on time. After about two weeks, I knew my way around the school and where all my classes were and the older kids would help me too if I needed it. I expected it would take a whole term to find my way around the school!

My favourite subject is Drama. I like it because although I enjoy all my lessons I think that drama is really fun and interesting. Norfolk house prepared me well for secondary school. In class, sometimes I do activities like a comprehension on a passage, I use lots of skills that I learnt form NH like backing up a point with evidence and they have proved to be useful. 

When I look back at my time in Norfolk house, I think of it as a positive seven years. Many memories come into mind like exciting field trips and even ordinary school days I will never forget. 

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