☰ #SID2016 #weloveIT

#SID2016 #weloveIT

Posted on: February 11th 2016

On Tuesday 9th February, children in Reception to Form 6 took part in a range of e-safety activities in recognition of Safer Internet Day 2016. See how each Form celebrated the day - we’ve also got a tune, video and some art work to share…



For e-safety day Reception have been creating their own safety superheroes. Using the 'Foldify' app children designed a net for a superhero. I was really impressed with some creative ideas and how well they were able to use the app. The children then had fun creating names for their superheroes.


Form 1

We enjoyed watching the clip of ‘Red and Smartie’; discussing how to stay safe online. We also read the ‘Digiduck’ ebook to learn how to be safe on the internet, discussing our ideas and singing the song ‘Before you click, click, click, you need to think, think, think and TELL someone!’. We used the app Foldify to create our own internet safety super heroes and made posters about how to stay safe on the internet.


Form 2 have impressed their teachers with an incredible understanding of keeping safe on the internet. We watched ‘The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART crew’. This was followed by an in depth discussion about the dangers of the internet and what they can do to keep safe. They then had the opportunity to create their own Internet Safety Super hero.


Form 3 were busy creating their own eSafety tunes using only 50characters. We discussed which words we believed were the most important when talking about internet safety. The children then put these words into a music video. Click the link to watch Oscar and Max’s video



Click the link to watch Emily and Leo’s video



Form 4 entered the Norfolk House School SMART Superhero Competition.

Arcado by Alex     Super Safe Steve- Zain


Winners  will be announced after the half term break.


Form 5 graphically designed a SMART safety background that could be used as a background for the IT suite computers.


Form 6 Took part in an esafety inspired personalised learning project. We split into groups to start our projects. In one group they decided to make a pictorial guide to what you should do on the internet and what you shouldn’t do to stay safe.  Their pictorial video consisted of one of the four drawing relevant pictures to talk about on the whiteboard whilst having the iPad recording them in time lapse. Once they finished they put it into a iMovie and put in voice overs explaining the topic which the picture up on the board resembles.

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