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Posted on: January 29th 2016

This term, Form 5 visit the Soup Kitchen in Muswell Hill where we donate and prepare food to provide nourishment for the homeless. At the Soup kitchen we are responsible for preparing the vegetables, cooking the food and laying the table.

Casper Priest Form 5

My name is Daisy and I am a Form 5 student who attended the Soup Kitchen last week.
When we arrived, we were split into 3 groups: one group chopped vegetables, another made bread and butter and the last group cooked the main course.
I was placed in the cooking group for the first week where we cooked the chopped vegetables that the second group created for us and we made a delicious vegetable soup. We provided mushrooms, carrots and so on.
The prepared bread and butter looked so tasty, I could already picture the smile on people's faces once they had drunk that slurpy soup. John [the soup kitchen leader] shared a big secret with us, he has a special closet [not with actual clothes in] but instead there were all our donations from the harvest festival. Remember that?
During our visit John told us that people who spent all their money or are homeless and starving come to visit the soup kitchen for a nutritious meal that includes starters main course and a sweet dessert.
Personally, my favourite moment of my first visit to the soup kitchen was when my  half of our group stirred the vegetables whilst the other half struggled to open the cans of beans, corn and chickpeas. Thank you Norfolk house for taking us on such a fabulous adventure and I can't wait to go next week!

Daisy Form 5

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