☰ Space Seeds Results

Space Seeds Results

Posted on: July 1st 2016

Norfolk House has been very lucky to have recently been involved with the Royal Horticultural Society’s Rocket Science project.  In May, we received two packets of seeds that we were asked to plant and monitor as they grew.  One of these packets of seeds had been to space with Tim Peake and the other packet remained on Earth.  The aim of the project was to see if there was any difference in the way they grew.

Our Space Biologists analysed the data we collected and came to the following conclusions:

The seeds in the RED and BLUE packets germinated at the same time

A greater number of the BLUE seeds had germinated by day 10

The seeds in the RED packet grew ‘true’ leaves more quickly

A greater number of seeds in the RED packet were alive on day 17

On average, the seeds in the RED packet grew taller

More seeds from the BLUE packet were alive on day 35

Using this data, can you predict which packet of seeds went into space?  Can you explain why you think this?

Results will be revealed in assemblies next week!     


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