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Sports Day 2018

Posted on: June 25th 2018

Sports Day 2018

This year’s Summer Sports Day was blessed with some amazing weather to complement some outstanding performances. We changed the format somewhat to include cricket into the programme and it proved to be a great success with many of our parents getting involved!

Athletics Sports Days are usually dominated by a few outstanding athletes, so in order to allow more of our pupils to achieve success, we ran all our races in ability groups as straight finals. This meant that more children could win events and also that many more could score points for their house.

We often talk about the outstanding performer that won all their events, but fail to recognise that it is the effort that is put in that really counts - not our child’s final placing. Just as some children thrive in dramatic events, are great chess players or get outstanding academic grades, it is not ultimately the result that counts, but the effort and resilience that they display that is most important. We saw many examples of pupils giving their all and doing the best they can for their team, and for me I think that they are the champions.

Congratulations to this year’s House Champions - Wellington!

Mr Charman


Read some pupil accounts of this year’s Sports Day:

The Rise of the Red

This Sports Day was unforgettable for Wellington House. We worked so hard in all our events and tried our best in everything.

Nelson did amazingly in the cricket and we were very worried about that, but in the throwing our throws ricocheted across the field. Alex, Max and Oliver won the disc throw with Ava, Iris and Leila winning their group’s 75 and 200 metres. That gave us the advantage of potentially winning.

We were all gathered in a group around Mr Charman and we all were given a medal. The whole school gathered round the teachers and they announced the scores. Adrenaline was pumping around everyone's bodies as the tension grew bigger and stronger. Nelson came 3rd with total of 200 points. At this moment the tension was greater than ever.

Wellington were closer than ever to make history in Sport at Norfolk House. Mr Charman announced Clive had not been victorious on their three win streak. Wellington were overwhelmed with joy as they won Sports Day.

By Alex and Evie


Sports Day

This year was an unforgettable day for everyone. No matter what place they came or if they won, not a single child wasn’t cheering on their peers. There was not a single student who wasn’t smiling and enjoying the day. Everyone was trying their absolute best and tackled all the obstacles involved. From cricket to long jump, to throwing, to the track races, every child applied themself and gave all they had.

The entire school gathered around to find out the results of the houses. We waited in anticipation as they announced the winners of the Norfolk House Sports Day 2018.

In third place with a great score was Nelson. We cheered for them as the other houses waited with bated breath to discover the winners. Who will be victorious this year? Mr Charman then declared second place…Clive! Wellington erupted with happiness, we had won! The mighty reds had won!

By Ava R

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