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Sports Day 2017

Posted on: July 7th 2017

Sports day!

On the 23rd of June , Norfolk House school had Sports Day which was held at Aldenham school. We either went on the school coach or with our parents, once we had arrived there we parked in a big grassy field that was being used as a parking lot. Our arrival was very organised by the staff of Aldenham and Norfolk House. We then went on a rather pleasant walk through the woods to the sports field. Senior Prep did the field events first such as; javelin throw and overhead ball throw, whilst Pre Prep and Junior Prep did the track events. 

The new fields were a lot bigger than last year in Queenwood School. There were two  tracks, Junior Prep and Pre-Prep used the 200m track and Senior Prep used the 400m track. Unfortunately, we were going to do 400m and the relay races but there wasn't enough time . So instead we had lunch. During the lunch break there were many races such as the mum's race and the dad's  and we also had a sibling race; this was for the siblings not yet at school. At the end the teachers presented us with our prizes. We got ribbons and medals; the ribbons were for first second and third place and the medal was a participation award.

After we had had our lunch we all assembled in front of our head teacher Mr Jowett. He said that everything has been great and that we had all achieved. After this he told us who came third, second and first out of the houses. Wellington came third and then a close second was Nelson and just by a few points Clive won. As Amelia and I are both captains of Clive we went up to receive our trophy. We lifted it up in the air and as we did there was a cheer from the crowd. It was a great feeling and I felt proud and happy as did Wellington and Nelson because of how close it was. All in all it was a great Sports Day and I would give anything to have one more Sports Day just like that one because we all achieved something and we all cheered each other on. I think this was one of the best sports days I have ever had.

That night every single one of us so proud lying on bed and quickly went to sleep as we are all exhausted from the long tiring day, which was great.

By Amelia Frolich (6A) and Luke Chesney (6A)

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