☰ June Sports Round Up

June Sports Round Up

Posted on: June 8th 2018

June Sports Round Up

On 24th May we entered our first ever Haringey Borough Championship - Quad Kids Athletics. 

Eight of our Year 6s had to compete in five events - 75m sprint, 600m run, standing long jump, Vortex howler throw and an eight person relay. Each athlete earned points for themselves and the team in each event. The event is scored just like the decathlon at the Olympic games. At the end of the day, Tommy E and Ben C had performed well enough to achieve a Gold UK Athletics Award, with Christian C, Oliver O and Ava R all scoring high enough for the Bronze Award.

Tommy and Ben were placed 8th and 9th out of over 215 athletes, which is truly an amazing achievement - well done boys.

Their scores, combined with the excellent scores from their teammates (Georgina C, Priya T and Gracie P) enabled Norfolk House to come an amazing 8th out of 28 schools. As we have the smallest Year 6 class out of all the competing schools this is very impressive. Well done to you all!


The summer terms cricket season has officially started with us playing 16 cricket matches in the past couple of weeks. Cricket is for both boys and girls at Norfolk House and most of our fixtures have been mixed gender. In Junior Prep we have played games against Belmont and the Gower school. In Senior Prep we have played in fixtures against Belmont, Haberdasher Askes, The Gower School and just this week we played in two Haringey school tournaments.

This week saw another first - we entered the U11 Haringey Kwik Cricket girls’ and boys’ tournaments. The girls started us off on Wednesday with many of them playing their first or second ever competitive game of cricket. After just five lessons of cricket our girls really impressed both batting and bowling. After winning their first game by just four runs they continued to improve and went on to win four of their five games. All the girls showed huge development throughout the day and were very disappointed to finish 5th out of 15 schools. Having only just started to play cricket, being disappointed to finish 5th in their first ever cricket tournament really demonstrates their tremendous improvement over the past few weeks. I really hope that the girls continue their love of cricket and join one of the many great clubs in the area. Our team of Ava, Caitlin, Charlotte, India, Iris, Georgina, Gracie and Priya really did us proud!

Mr Charman

Haringey Cricket Tournament

On Thursday 7th June the majority of the Year 6 boys went to an all day Haringey Cricket Tournament. Overall we played very well. In the field there was great bowling from every single player and the fielding was excellent, everyone got a wicket. The batting was brilliant we hit a lot of fours and sixes. Thanks to this we won our first two matches.

Although we lost a match, we won four out of our five matches, which is very good considering some of us hadn’t played that much cricket before. Playing our first game we had some great moments, while Sohan, Max and Tommy were getting lots of wickets in the bowling and Christian and Zain were wicket keeping spectacularly, Daniel and Ben were stopping every single ball that was going near the boundary and Alex was getting some sensational one handed catches. As well as all of this the sportsmanship was great, the team was encouraging the bowler or clapping if there was a good bit of fielding. Even if we got out in the batting everyone would be giving great advice and comforting them from the boundary. I felt without this our team would have fallen apart which is why I was so happy to see everyone helping each other.

By Oliver O

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