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Sports Round Up

Posted on: October 6th 2017

Year 6 Health and Fitness



This year we have added a new topic to our Senior Prep PE curriculum - Health and Fitness. The aims of this topic are pretty far ranging, with an emphasis on improving students general fitness, but also improving their knowledge of healthy lifestyles. Each lesson the students will take part in different types of fitness programmes and then developing an aspect of a healthy lifestyle. So far we have introduced circuit fartlek training, started to learn some anatomy and physiology and had some fun with first aid.

This week we did a whole body fitness circuit and started some work on first aid. This weeks first aid session looked at how we would help someone who had injured their arm and needed it to be put in a sling. After much hilarity they whole group successfully put their partners injured arm into a sling. So if you hurt yourself you know who to go to!


Girls Football match Vs Rhodes Avenue

22nd September

Hello, my name is Ava Rifat and I am the new Form 6 Head of Girls Sport. Last Friday, Form 5 and 6 girls played Rhodes Avenue in a forever to be remembered football match.This was our first match with our new team, and we were pretty rusty! The year 5 team was made up by some very skilled athletes; India Michaels, Emily Krohn, Amelie Blair, Alanna Forbes, Keya Shah, Eva Brown and Imogen Teasdale.

The determined year 6 team consisted of; Gracie Perkin, Georgina Chan, Ava Rifat, Leila Salem, Iris Ferrari Callaghan, Amelie Rosner, Charlotte Seal and Caitlin Alpert. Our defence was brilliant, however, we decided that we need to work on our attacking.The game was tough but enjoyed by everyone on the team, and we learned many different skills that will help us improve; spacing, looking up when we pass and communicating with each other. These are three words some of the teammates described the match with;

”Challenging, exciting,fun,”- Leila, “Amazing, difficult, wonderful,”- Iris, “I loved it!”- Georgina. A special shoutout to India Michaels who was a brilliant goalie and saved an amazing amount of goals shot at her. Well done India! We have another match coming up soon where we hope to have an even better time!

-Ava Rifat


The F5 Rhodes Avenue football match

Rhodes Avenue Vs Norfolk House School


On Friday 22nd September the Year 5 girls and I walked  to Rhodes Avenue to have our first proper football match. On the walk  over  we  were  really nervous  but we were also super excited.  When we arrived at Rhodes Avenue we were shown to the football pitch.  At the sight of the pitch I got butterflies in my tummy, because I was quite nervous.  We had a team talk with Mr Charman, which helped considerably, until he told me I was captain!  In all seriousness though, it was a privilege, and honour to be chosen.  

The Rhodes Avenue team was amazing! Within 3 minutes they had scored.  It was an amazing goal right in the corner.  A few minutes later, without warning Rhodes Avenue stole the ball. Then they scored again! Before we knew it, it was halftime and, it is quite dampening to say it but we were 4-0 down!  

Mr Charman gave us a pep talk.  He asked for our ideas and we changed the format of the team to have 3 defenders ( Alanna, Amelie and I), Eva in Center and Imogen as the striker. Amelie and India rotated in goal. When we went back on the pitch we were feeling a lot more hopeful. Although we didn’t score, we played a lot better and we only let in two goals in the second half - which was progress!

I am really proud of the team for being resilient after halftime, because it was really difficult to carry on trying at 4-0 down.  Even though we lost 6-0, we did so well.  Amelie and India were really good in goal, believe it or not it could have been so much worse.     Norfolk House team spirit was unbelievably good, we continued to motivate and encourage each other.  We all enjoyed it and tried our best, and we are looking forward to our next game.


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