☰ Success for Queenswood Poetry Competition entrants

Success for Queenswood Poetry Competition entrants

Posted on: September 25th 2017

We are only a couple of weeks into the new term and already, we have received some very exciting news from Queenswood School. I am thrilled to announce that not only were two of last year's Form 5 pupils shortlisted out of the many entrants in the Queenswood Poetry Competition, but also that one of our wonderful writers at Norfolk House was chosen as the overall winner!

Huge congratulations to Ava R for her exemplary writing talents and you can read her beautifully worded first prize winning entry on the theme of 'Adventure' below. As you will see, Ava's take on the title was related to reading and the premise that diving into a good book can take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotion.

Many congratulations too to Caitlin A who came up with the wonderfully original idea that nightmares could be a source of adventure. Her poem also appears below and as one of only seven children to be awarded a commended grading, she should also feel very proud of her considerable achievement.

What an exciting start to the year for our Form 6 writers and I can't wait to read more of their creative writing over the coming weeks. Keep up the hard work!

Mrs Osborne

Into a book

By Ava R

With a flick of a page,
All becomes real,
Into a book,
There’s no emotion you can’t feel.

Adventure inculcated into every little word,
Spine chilling terrors to be heard.
The burnished sun set up in the sky
And mellifluous characters that can fly.

Creeping misery tiptoes onto the page,
With tempestuous storms that begin to rage.
Happiness cascading through the sentences
And inquisitive thoughts with every letter.

A cacophony of laughter among every chapter,
With the occasional fearfulness passing through,
In a book
You will find there’s nothing you can’t do.

With the flick of a page,
There’s nothing else to know.
Into a book,
A new world you go…


By Caitlin A 

Let your mind take you on a journey,
Through horror upon horror.
Venture through the jungle of nightmares,
Whilst finding the treasures beneath.
Let your mind take control of you,
Through seas of dreams and starlit skies
That may not be as they seem-
Tricking your mind and ears constantly.

Let your mind pull you through thrills,
Twists and turns round every bend.
Shocks and surprises make you pinch yourself in disbelief
As you know it may be the end of your adventure.
But every move is uncertain.
Let your mind drag you away,
Through the savage island
Where all your hopes and dreams,
May never come true.

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