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The Big Quiz

Posted on: October 17th 2014

This quiz is designed for parents and children together. It’s all general knowledge and fun at the same time. Go ahead and enjoy.

1. What is the capital of Botswana?
2.   2. Who wrote a diary that included ‘The Great Fire of London’?
3.   3. Where is Colonsay?
4.   4. Who was on the English throne before Elizabeth I ?
5.    5. Which Sea is the saltiest Sea on Earth?
6.   6. Name a country where Kumquats are grown?
7.   7. Can you name any members of the band Duran Duran?
If you e-mail your answers to Mr Ashton, nhquizanswers@gmail.com by Wednesday 20th October he will see if he can find you a prize if you are correct.

Best of luck,

Mr Ashton

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