☰ The Joy of Exams

The Joy of Exams

Posted on: January 28th 2013

By Ishmael The examination process was a tense time in my, and indeed the entire class', education at Norfolk House.  The few weeks before the exams were just as stressing, due to the endless, yet somewhat enjoyable, revision, tutors, and exam-style tests.  However, we were confident in ourselves throughout the tension of the period.  All of us have done the best we can in our exams.  I especially feel confident that I, (along with the rest of my classmates) have got into the various schools of my choice.  Nevertheless, that didn't stop the weeks after the exams being filled with anticipation, nervousness, and anxiety as we waited for the final results.

As students we were taught to approach the questions we struggle with in a positive manner and not to be fearful or apprehensive of the exams that we had to face.  If we had the whole opportunity again we would have undertaken it in the same way.  This is what makes Norfolk House the fabulous school it is.

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