☰ The Mane Event! Norfolk House Put on a Show

The Mane Event! Norfolk House Put on a Show

Posted on: July 8th 2013

Discussions for which show we might put on this year took place as far back Christmas. Once the decision was made, it was time to source the script, lyrics and music, hold auditions and give out parts ready to be learnt over the Easter holidays. The children came back brimming with enthusiasm and had impressively learnt all of their lines and the songs.

The following terms were absolutely packed with singing practices, acting rehearsals in any space available and then finally, rehearsals at the church. Behind the scenes; Mrs. Pakkos, Miss Ficken and Miss Thompson were busily working away on the masks and backdrops which, as you can now appreciate, was a huge task! The children also contributed to the making of props, masks and costumes turning the show into a truly collaborative effort.

Having put on a number of shows over the years, I have to mention how much I was struck by the pupils’ attitudes and behaviour. Not only did they show dedication and enthusiasm, but they behaved impeccably during rehearsals. They were all so patient and engaged, it made for the most enjoyable rehearsals I have ever run. They are an absolute credit to the school.

…And what can I say about Form 6?! What a talented bunch of children! Each child contributed artistically to the show and supported their classmates throughout the process. I loved working with such mature and engaged children and can honestly say I have never had such fun putting on a show.

As for show night - for me, it went far too quickly and I can’t wait for the DVD so I can take a step back and watch it again; taking in every little bit of acting each child did. I am sure there were lots of fabulous moments that I missed. I will never forget how much I laughed throughout the performance and how exceptionally acted the whole thing was. It is easy to forget how young the children really are-they were such pros. I was so proud and had to fight back the tears during many moments; especially during The Circle of Life-that song gets me every time!

Finally, I would like to say a last huge huge thank you to everyone that played a part in making the show the success it was. The facepainters were so talented and took the show to another level. Thank you one and all and thank you for making me feel so welcome at your school. It has been a real pleasure working at Norfolk House and when in Rome, I shall look back on this year with the fondest of memories.

Miss Walsh

See photos from Norfolk House's show, below:

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