☰ Trip to London Zoo

Trip to London Zoo

Posted on: November 18th 2016

Last week year 4 went to London Zoo, to look at teeth and habitats. It was very interesting and we learnt a lot.

Animals we saw

At London Zoo we saw flamingos, lions, pelicans, penguins, monkeys and gorillas, we even had the chance to see a baby gorilla, who was a year old! And a tiger cub, who was asleep...

As we passed the flamingo pond, we learnt that flamingos aren’t born pink. They become pink because the chemicals in what they eat turns them pink!


We also took part in a workshop, and learnt all about the different types of teeth animals have, and what they need them for. We looked at different types of skulls and decided amongst groups who they might belong to… the most terrifying was the cheetah, with it’s huge canines and incisors! At the end of the workshop we met a rat, called Paprika, who was very friendly and we were able to stroke him.

Gift Shop

Finally, we visited the gift shop - it was huge! We only had £5 to spend, but a lot of us came away with fluffy penguins and different animals we had seen around the zoo.

It was a fantastic trip, and we all LOVED it!!!

By Keya Shah

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