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Posted on: June 16th 2016

Student Council organised a VIP day yesterday, asking parents to come in and talk about the jobs that they do. We had a vast array of parents and the quality of what they presented about their careers was excellent! Amongst others we had an anaesthetist, cardiologist, a number of solicitors and barristers, actors, advertisers to name a few!  

I was lucky enough to be involved as the Honorable Judge Habgood in a simulation of a court case (which I won’t reveal too much of) in which Form 3 and then Form 6 pupils had to act as jury; an excellent opportunity for our pupils to understand the Rule of Law and how a trial takes place in British courts. 

What a fabulous day for all of the children to experience the world of exciting careers - thank you to all our parents who volunteered to be VIPs for the day - we hope you enjoyed your experience too, and we look forward to hearing more from Student Council about the event in our next newsletter.
Ms Habgood

See excerpts from the trial of Crown v Philip Oliver Smith




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