☰ VIP Day - Quotes from the children

VIP Day - Quotes from the children

Posted on: June 30th 2016

On Thursday 16th June 16 parents came into school to explain to the children what they do as a job. We had a very wide range of jobs from doctors to lawyers and from actors to song-writers. School Council would like to thank the parents for giving up their time to talk to the children and sharing their expertise with us. We really enjoyed it and learned a lot too!

Form 1
Miss Suomi Iizuka, Akira's mother came to Form 1 today to talk to us about her job as a doctor. The children had the opportunity to look at and use some of the equipment the doctors might use to help diagnose an illness such as the stethoscope and the blood pressure monitor.
Also, the children in Form 1 enjoyed the fun filled Drama workshop with Brendan's dad.
Ms. Cat Wiles who works in advertising shared a range of adverts with the children and they enjoyed meeting Mog the cat.

Form 2
We found Mr Salem’s talk very enjoyable because he showed us different adverts and then we got to make a poster advertising ourselves. It was a big surprise to see an advert that is busy being made that had our friend Izz from Form 1 in it. 
Max, Bibi and Sophie
We really enjoyed listening to Cristina’s dad talking about his job and how trading has changed so much over the past 20 year - everything is now done on computers instead of lots of people shouting things to each other. We really enjoyed taking part in our own ‘Haribo’ auction.
Luqa, Zara and Lola 

Form 3
Form 3 enjoyed the mock court case led by Mr Stimpson. Shockingly, Mr Smith stole 2 caramel chocolate bars from Waitrose and was caught by officer Graham. Judge Habgood led the proceedings. To our delight, the verdict was 'Not Guilty'! 
Mr Kotwinski, a heart surgeon, came and talked to us about keeping our heart healthy. We enjoyed the talk and listening to each other's heart beats. We even watched Bobby's heart on a special X-ray machine.
Amelie Blair 

Form 4
Form 4 enjoyed a introduction to the world of architecture when Ms. Relf came in to teach us how to skillfully sketch and plan a drawing of 4H’s classroom wall to wall. We also sketched the shelves on a wall using every detail that was seen inside our class. 
Our next lesson was presented by  Mr Chesney accompanied by his assistant Mrs Chesney. He talked about how he started his (now world wide) business, Chesney’s. It all started off when Mr.Chesney found an antique fire place inside a yellow skip which he then sold with his brother and eventually made more and more marble decorations and started his world famous company, Chesney’s . 
We loved  both our visits and  they gave us a brief view of our next job options. By Alara Walsh & Evie Robson. 

Form 5
Mr Fenton provided a most interesting  peephole in to the legal world and specifically the work of his company. Felix had the opportunity to dress up as a barrister in clothes which originated from over 300 years. Importantly, our brains were stimulated with masses of information about the work of barristers and solicitors. - by Sophie  Jaymin Casper and Daisy

Form 5 were delighted to welcome Mr and Mrs Etherington who provided a valuable insight into the life of musicians.Not only did they explain how enjoyable, varied and interesting their work is but they also enabled us to record. our own backing track.- by Antonia, Zac Daniel, Casper Daisy

It was really stimulating to discover how interesting life is as a dietician . Mrs Vale Haris explained the long process of becoming a state registered dietician, the varied placements you can work in as well as providing useful information regarding nutrition.
(Saul and Jess)

Form 6
Dr Brocklesby gave Form 6 an insight to the world of the Anathetist. She was able to demonstrate the important role she plays during surgery when she gives a general anasthetic, regulates the patients blood pressure and breathing during the operation and ensures the patient regains consciousness after the operation. The class were fascinated with the monitoring machine and Leela stated ‘’Wow what a job she has’’.

Mr Stimpson and Mr Godfrey recreated a trial in Form 6 of Mr Smith who had been charged with theft. The process of the court system was shown of and the system of British justice was demonstrated to all. The Form 6 children were intrigued by the roles of defence and prosecution counsel and the presiding judge (Ms Habgood). A number of the children were asking about the length of time it takes to train as a Barrister.

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