☰ ‘Why I like Art’ by Huey

‘Why I like Art’ by Huey

Posted on: June 27th 2013

What I really love about art is the different styles in which artists produce their work. I'm very interested in modern art, especially Pop Art. The art project we did at school this year on Pop Art was really interesting. I have been to some exhibitions at the Tate Gallery and love going; I particularly enjoyed the Lichtenstein one. Looking at the the paintings, sculptures and drawings really inspires me to draw more. My favourite piece at the Tate is a Henry Moore sculpture.

Art and sport are my loves outside of school. As a result, I have been doing many pieces of art at home, particularly spray art. I'm really inspired by Damien Hirst and Banksy. I was lucky enough to meet Damien Hirst recently at a concert - he was really nice and encouraging about my art. Because he was so pleased that I had spoken to him about my art and knew about his work, he actually sent me a signed poster and some t-shirts with his designs on. I was amazed that he even remembered me!

As he had taken the time to send me something and had been so generous, I immediately wrote him a thank you letter and decided to also send him one of my own spray art pictures! I think he is really inspiring and encouraging to young artists. I definitely would tell other children, never be afraid to say 'hello' to your heroes!

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