☰ Wonderful work from Form 6

Wonderful work from Form 6

Posted on: July 10th 2020

Wonderful work from Form 6

Young Enterprise

Form 6 have been working hard for Young Enterprise over the last few weeks. In the first week back, each group went to an online Dragons Den and pitched their ideas and asked for a loan for their items. These are the products that have been sold: 

Eco Group - Designer bags, Pick and mix and raffle; Iceberg Group - Photo booth, raffle and designer pencil cases and Boots and Cats Group- raffle, marigolds in bottles and wooden keyrings. 

The three groups have been busily making their items, which went on sale on their online shops at 4pm on Friday 12th June. Year 6 have really enjoyed this and Ella quoted, “This is the most enjoyable task of the year” and Oskar stated, ”I have been looking forward to Young Enterprise every day.” 

We have been working hard on making the website detailed and the products unique. Thanks so much to everyone who has used our online store and supported our groups!

By Cristina and Oskar


In Year 6 we have been learning more about the works of Willam Shakespeare.

In the last few weeks, we have read the famous play, Macbeth and we have also watched a gruesome animated version, the BBC’s Shakespeare in Shorts and a longer version of the play that was streamed from The Globe Theatre for young people which was excellent. The play is about three witches who tell Macbeth (who is the main character) that he will be the king one day. He can't wait very long to be king so he kills many people to keep his position of power. It is full of death, revenge, mystery & guilt. It is the sort of play of which  you never know what's going to happen next.

We have done lots of reading and creative writing activities to demonstrate our knowledge of the play and Mrs Osborne has been really impressed by the quality of the writing and has shared some of our favourite examples. Form 6 have also acted out and filmed some terrifying trailers on iMovie commemorating this play and we have shared them on the F6 Hub as they are a bit too scary for younger children!

We’ve enjoyed this subject very much and learnt a lot from it that could help us in our writing in the future.

by Harry and Will

Lady Macbeth Diary entry

3rd of September 1082,

Dear diary,

I feel overwhelmed with what Macbeth is doing. I don’t feel we are the same people we were before all this was happening; Macbeth becoming King and the start of the murders. I can't go forward unless I go back. 

I can’t undo what I have done. 

What happens to Macbeth is my fault as I told him to man up, when really I just want power. Now I have it I still don’t feel satisfied. 

The king, the King, they call him, but deep inside I know he is going crazy.

Macbeth has grief and so do I. 

“Out damn spot!” I shout to myself as the blood on my hands from the king's death still haunts me.

The murder of Banquo just for his power, is idiotic but he still cumferom’s as the guests pour in for banquets, nightings and many more. 

I am guilty, guilty of murder, I am guilty, guilty for seeking power.

He is dented. Macbeth is dented, bruised, scarred for life. He has changed rapidly throughout these months. I feel almost sorry for my Husband as he was forced by me to kill the king and then got worried that his power would have been taken away so he ordered men to kill his best friend. 

What will happen next- I don’t know. What brings us in the future is worrying because Banquo's sons are still out there, and if the weird witches are right then we will have to be careful.

The feeling of uncertainty of what I am going to do lingers across my mind every day. Macduff is ready to do what he needs to do to get power and I am not sure if Macbeth can take it anymore without cracking.

He puts on a mask in front of guests. Macbeth is anxious and will get very sick if he doesn't put things right. Although putting things right could get him killed…

I face problems everyday- from having the energy to get up to being brave enough to look at my Husbands face. I go to sleep every night and dream of the old times, when Macbeth and I were in love. I would dream of him coming back from the battlefields all grubby but I wouldn't care if he would come up to me and told me all the stories of going into battle. 


I miss those days I really do...


Dear Diary,                                                                                           2 September 1034


My deepest terrors seem to be coming alive. My life over the past few weeks has descended into a dark abyss of dismay and homicide. I have pushed away the people I love from my sinister self. So much so that I fear my relationship with my wife is becoming a murderous friendship, not a marriage. 

My hands do not come clean from the daggers and the blood, my hands do not come clean from the terrible deed I commited. I, myself killed the king, I myself killed Banquo, I myself killed the kin of loyal Macduff. 

Why me? Why me? Why do I have to murder? Why have I been so greedy? Why does my wife have the same greed as me? 

I cannot believe that I killed my friend, my loyal friend. I sent those assassins on their way... how could I kill my friend? 

Yet I still do not doubt my choice, how could you not Macbeth? The son fled and ran. What have I done to myself, what have I done? Why have I torn my life to shreds and with that all of my personality.

I am mad, mad I say! As mad as a dog is for a treat. I see Banquo still, sitting in the chair, his bloodied neck throbbing and spilling ever more crimson liquid. My hands seem to throb too, with oozing betrayal and Banquo says, “How could you, my loyal enemy, how could you kill me?” My mind is a distorted loaf of bread, it’s mould sticking out all over, however the mould is madness and distraught. 

The King is dead because of me, what have I done, me killing a king? How I have destroyed myself. I thrust the knives through his chest, the deep red knives. It haunts me my disgrace to my country, I cannot say enough how much my life is scarred, and I will never murder again, but my mind tells me different.

I went to see the witches, and I was surprised at my fortune, I will not get killed, they said, not by anyone born from a woman. But only will you perish, when the wood stands up and walks. The witches had told me my prophecy, and it sounded like I was in luck.

However luck was not for me it seemed, as I have killed Macduff’s family.

How could I do that killing, killing a woman and infants? However I have to get over it as I am killing man others, executing anyone who disagrees with me, good riddence to them.

But it does seem like my fears for the future are growing and growing like wildfire. How will Banquo’s child become king if the witch's prophecy is true. He has no relations, he isn’t even a contender, but if that is true, then what will be my fate?

I still feel the weight of the dagger in my hand, weighing me down and I still smell the acrid stench of the blood on my hand. My mind is in control, my disgusting mind that makes me a disgusting murderer.

My life seems to be turning into a horror story, destroying everyone around me, including my wife, my fate is changing her life. The Death Jester bangs the drum and I am the killer, what am I? What am I?!

Hopefully all of my problems will be solved next time I write, but the hole at the back of my head will never be refilled of love and mercy, all of my feelings are gone, I am now a dummy, used for murder by a contagious mind of it’s own.

P.S. I still love my wife, but I find that our relationship is decaying. I also think that I am unsure who I am.


As Head of Drama, I watched and observed all of the Form 6 rehearsals for our production of Hercules from home using Google Meet! We were all very excited to perform and every day we believed we were getting better and better. Everyone really has given it their best shot, and Form 6 have done such an amazing job!

We spent time over the course of our lessons trying to perfect our acting and the line-learning has been exceptional and the acting has also been very good. Although sometimes there was the odd mistake or forgotten line, we took on the feedback and it was like nothing ever happened in the next rehearsal.

Some children in Form 6 have been particularly strong and really have tried their best and given an extra 10%, so Mrs Osborne and I have given some extra parts to people who wanted them. Some of these include Aran, Max, Sid and Zoe. It isn’t just them who we have celebrated though because everyone has done a great job!

When I was not in a particular scene, I really enjoyed watching the rehearsals. There are funny parts to the battles and the scenes are all exciting. Also, the songs and the solos have just been brilliant! Everyone has sung their hearts out and remembered the words. The muses, (Sophie, Ella, Bibi, Emily and Cristina) are a great group for singing and I think they have aced it!

It is unfortunate that we cannot perform the production live at the church, however we have now finished filming and Miss Marshall is editing it as we speak so you can all enjoy our production at the end of term. We can’t wait!

By Theo

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