☰ Nursery and Reception Explore the Woods

Nursery and Reception Explore the Woods

Posted on: March 6th 2020

Nursery and Reception Explore the Woods

Forest school is a great opportunity for Reception and Nursery pupils to experience a whole afternoon outdoors in Highgate Woods. This week, all the children showed resilience against the cold and ventured forth to tackle a variety of challenges. Some children chose to build a giant nest using the fallen branches and logs. This involved a good deal of negotiation and communication as the children worked collaboratively to achieve their final result. 

Others worked on weaving, using wool wrapped around twigs. They had to be quite ambitious and resilient as it took a lot of fine motor control to weave the wool around the crossed twigs. The perseverance paid off as the results were lovely. Some groups went hunting for signs of spring and found evidence of buds growing on trees and blossom as well as a few daffodils.

Of course, Forest School wouldn't be complete if the children didn't have an opportunity to climb and explore their agility skills moving across the fallen trees and branches. Great fun, as always, was had by all, as well as a great deal of skill building. 

See some photos of the recent Forest Scool sessions in our photo library.

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