☰ A wonderful World Book Day

A wonderful World Book Day

Posted on: March 9th 2018

A wonderful World Book Day

What a wonderful time we had for this year's World Book Day. Read some of our reports about the various activities that pupils enjoyed.

Aaron S in Form 5 said:

On World Book Day, we came dressed as characters from books and Harris came as Gandalf from 'Lord of the Rings' and I came as George from 'George's Marvellous Medicine.' In assembly, Mrs Osborne's Book Club decided on a best dressed boy and girl from each year group and in Form 5, Harris won for the boys and Amelie won from the girls as she was dressed as Auggie from 'Wonder.'

Holly P and her Mother did poetry workshops in Form 2 and Senior Prep and even though our poem was old fashioned, we had fun talking about it.

Finally, near the end of the day, we had an extra workshop with Stuart who was an actor and a teacher. He showed us how to come up with made up characters by mixing an animal with an object like our 'cowzooka' or Leo's 'comrilla' (computer and gorilla). Afterwards, he gave each group another character and we had to describe it in an imaginative way and think about what they really wanted and what might stop them getting it.

World Book Day events in the Nursery:

Everyone (well almost) dressed up as their favourite book characters or came to school in their pyjamas for World Book Day.

Throughout the morning we had parents dropping in to share a favourite bedtime story with us all (Zaria's Mum and Dad told the tale of a mermaid with a doll dressed in mermaids clothing!) Huxley's Mum came in her dressing gown with her favourite teddy in tow and told us a tale of a child who desperately wanted an otter as a pet (but ended up with a grizzly bear instead) Reis's Dad, as well as reading two great books, shared his amazing illustration art work with us.

We sang songs and role played some improvised drama to the traditional tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and asked ourselves "Was Goldilocks right to go into the bears' house?" We made books and story-mapped the Owl and the Pussycat and all of this was before lunch! Phew!

Then, for those that stayed in the afternoon. we finished off with the retelling of the gingerbread man and then made our very own gingerbread men to take home with us! Yum!

Mia's report from Form 1:

I was really looking forward to World Book Day because I love books and I love dressing up. First I didn’t know what costume to wear, but then I decided I was going to go as Mary Poppins. A few amazing costumes in our year were Daniel as Fantastic Mr Fox, Jye as Mr Tickle, Una as the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland and finally Matilda as Angelina Ballerina. Daniel and Jye won the best dressed competition. In the week of World Book Day lots of parents came to read to us, including my Mum who read a book called Malala’s Magic Pencil. On World Book Day, Mr Jowett also dressed up and he came to show us his costume, which was the Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. It was a bit scary, but also funny. A girl from Reception called Iris was dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and they took a photo together. We also had a book swap and it was fantastic. I got a book called Heidi and one called The Worst Witch Strikes Again.

I really enjoyed World Book Day and I’m looking forward to it next year!              

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