☰ Writers’ Corner: F5 Write Their Own Mystery Stories

Writers’ Corner: F5 Write Their Own Mystery Stories

Posted on: February 8th 2013

Form 5 are currently covering a unit of work on ‘Mystery Stories’. Having studied examples within the genre, the children have been working hard to write their own stories.

During the planning stages, we all discovered how challenging it is to construct a plot, which includes twists and turns to keep the reader guessing as to who the culprit is!

In the openings to their stories, the children focused on using carefully chosen vocabulary, figurative language and varied sentence structures to build a sense of mystery, atmosphere and tension in order to draw the reader in.

Here is a selection of the openings that the children have written for you to enjoy:Nothing disturbed the silence, but the slow breathing of a sleeping Chloe Smith. A book lay open on the side of the bed. Something was stirring in the dimly lit room. Slowly, pale green tendrils sprouted from the book, creeping up the side of the bed. The leafy stems slithering and sliding towards Chloe Smith. The twines stretching ever nearer to her throat. A second later, they were steadily wrapping around her neck. Suddenly they tugged. Chloe opened her eyes and tried to scream, but the thick layers of leaves was slowly strangling her. Soon, she could not breathe. Her eyes unblinking and her body lifeless, Chloe Smith was dead. By KatieWind started swaying peacefully in the summer night. Everything was perfect. Stars danced around in the moonlight, looking elegant every time they moved. Suddenly, everything changed. Floorboards started to creak in the bedroom; the enemy advanced. Darkness filled the room as if a monster were to appear. The sound of a deadly venomous bullet penetrated the room. The last thing heard was an evil laugh as he completed his mission. By DanteWith all his strength, he heaved himself onto the window sill. He could feel it. Something bad was going to happen on this gloomy night. Icy winds brushed against his face as he opened the window and entered unseen. Echoing in the silence were footsteps. Diving under the bed just as the door opened, a burly young man silently went into the vast room. In his hand was a gleaming silver dagger. A shrill cry echoed throughout the land, shattering the peaceful silence of the night. As soon as the man was gone, he got out from under the bed. Staring at him was a pair of lifeless eyes belonging to the king. It was a horrific sight. Fear took over him as he saw a bloody dagger sticking out of the old man's frail back. By EuanThe soft breeze danced around the two, swirling and spinning, whilst the smiling stars reflected off the clear lake. Alfie smiled at Vicky, his blonde hair and blue eyes shining in the moonlight. She sighed, tomorrow she would be alone, her brother Alfie would be at boarding school and they would both be unhappy. "I wish," she whispered, her pale green eyes filling with tears, "we could be together forever." Alfie hated to see his sister cry. He dried her tears and flattened down her lilac dress. "I will see you again, I promise," Alfie declared. Little did they know someone was watching. By Annabel

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