☰ Writers’ Corner: Form 5’s Seriously Sensational Sentence Structure

Writers’ Corner: Form 5’s Seriously Sensational Sentence Structure

Posted on: January 30th 2014

Seriously sensational sentence structure has been the key topic of discussion in Form 5 this term. While focussing on story writing, pupils are taking a closer look at how to structure sentences in order to improve the quality of our work.

Watch the video below to see how to change a series of simple sentences into compound or complex sentences:We are aiming to use a range of simple, compound and complex sentences to add interest to our writing and engage our readers.

Here are some sample sentences from our writing:A deafening growl crackled up the corridor making the children, who were terrified, pick up immense speed. They ran, like a herd of buffalos on a rampage, to the end of the hall. – Kaya formed a complex sentences using embedded clauses.

Like elephants charging down the echoing corridor, the children, who weren’t wasting a single second, barged through every door in their way. – Tate formed a complex sentences using an embedded clauseAs Ellen stood by the door, she saw the horrific storm approaching.

- Eloise used a complex sentence with a subordinate clause at the start of the sentenceTerrified, Ellen stood by the door and she saw the storm approaching. - Maria S formed a complex sentence using an adverb at the start of the sentence.

Along with this huge focus on sentence structure, we are looking at the structure of stories too, thinking particularly about developing the plot of a fictional narrative. We have looked at how to write the beginning of a story.

Watch a video, below, of a pupil reading the beginning of her story. She uses an interesting opener and ambitious vocabulary to hook her readers, as well as setting the mood for the story. Can you guess what kind of story it is?

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