☰ Writer’s Corner: Form 5W’s Narnia-Inspired Descriptions

Writer’s Corner: Form 5W’s Narnia-Inspired Descriptions

Posted on: October 18th 2013

This half term, Form 5W have been studying C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, which has allowed them to focus on creative writing skills and story structure in a truly imaginative and interesting way.

Read William’s writing about entering the wardrobe. He put himself into the story and described his experience:Lucy disappeared into the dark brown wardrobe. William secretly followed her. He opened the heavy door and crept in. His eyes were as brown as chocolate and his sinister face scanned the inside of the wardrobe. He shut the wardrobe door behind him. “I know you’re in here Lucy!” shouted William. It was jet black inside and he couldn’t see anything. Suddenly he saw a light in the distance and he went towards it. Instead of feeling the smooth wood of the wardrobe, he felt snow beneath his feet and he started to feel very cold.By William, Form 5WForm 5 has also used the Pic Collage app on the iPads to create their instructions for making Turkish Delight:

By Eloise


By Grace


By Maria


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