☰ Writers Corner: Form 6 Build Atmosphere & Mood

Writers Corner: Form 6 Build Atmosphere & Mood

Posted on: November 8th 2013

Form 6 have been working extremely hard to develop their creative writing skills. We have been thinking about how to use precise vocabulary, figurative language and varied sentence structures to build atmosphere and mood.

For this piece, the children studied an extract from the book, Cloud Sailors, by Hugh Montgomery, before writing about how they thought life would continue for the characters.

A Mountainfolk’s Tale

The night is nearly up like my time on this planet. Starvation claims my thoughts, yet I must live on. I live up in the pure mountains away from the greed below. No longer are we the same. No longer may Earth our mother be free. I can’t escape the pollution, yet I must try. The filth threatens my home and family. We must move on. No longer is it safe here. Only one kind of human is to blame, the greedy Lowlander who exploits the land.

We must flee to our new home. Where it may be, nobody knows. I leave for a new start. As I pack my few belongings, I start to wonder about my future; the next chapter of my life. How it would be different. All I knew was Earth was on our side. She too hated the yellow air. Heaving my luggage aboard was not an easy task. Earth’s help had not aided our needs, only our escape. I sat in our escape boat (fashioned from ice and all that was pure) as we floated through the clouds, staring down at our disrespectful relatives. How I wished I hadn’t changed to only breathe this air, else I’d go down there and tell them my view. If only.

Not far ahead, I can see a new world as pure as ours once was. Mountains tower covering the land. There are plenty of crops, fresh water and the cleanest air I’ve ever breathed! It is my new home away from starvation; away from the Lowlanders. Just what I had hoped for!

By Annabel H Here is also a selection of the children’s openings to stories they wrote about Bonfire Night. The children thought carefully about their language choices in order to create a desired atmosphere.

I headed towards the lush green field, ready to watch the firework display. Whoooosh! Bang! Scarlet and emerald light danced in the black velvet sky. Those were other people’s fireworks, but our display would be the best. Inky eyes glistened in the darkness. Miniscule coloured sequins dotted the evening sky in an array of intricate patterns, before slowly fading away. Everyone was enthralled.

By Maddy V A dark blue cloth cloaked the once light sky. Stars stood, hoping the night would end quickly. Something was going on. Leaves fell of their branches as winter came closer. Nothing could stop the powerful wind rushing through the trees, whistling as it went. Not a shadow could be seen; not a voice could be heard.

By Jasmine S Crisp, comforting beams of sparkles filled the close spaces, the density of the smoke supplementing the already hot, heavy atmosphere. Tingles of smoke and timber brushed her fingertips like small fireflies. Her hair glistened in the engulfed park, her tonsils experiencing a wealth of charcoal, burning and heat. The kindling materials illuminated the air, producing blades of fire and light in the starry skyline. A sparkler in her hand, she sat on the grass appreciating the beams of colours being blow into oblivion. The 5th November happiness stole the air.

By Byron R

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