☰ Writers' Corner: Pre-Prep Learn About Story Writing

Writers' Corner: Pre-Prep Learn About Story Writing

Posted on: November 22nd 2013

Pre-Prep have been discussing story language, including ways to begin and end a story. They have also looked at characters and setting and the descriptive vocabulary which can be used to describe these.

The children were given a picture of a dragon with a castle in the background as stimulus and asked to create their own fantasy story.

You can read a couple of examples, below: Once upon a time there was a spooky castle and there was a dragon. It was a stormy night and he was cold. He could breathe fire and he blew the whole castle down. He blew the whole kingdom down with all his strength and his fire melted everything. Then the knights came and they tied up the dragon. He said he was very sorry and they all lived together happily ever after.

By Naiyan

 Once upon a time there was a castle. Inside the castle lived a prince, a princess, a knight, a king and a queen. Outside the castle there live a dragon and every day he roared a lot. Sometimes he blew a lot of fire. All the people were scared of the dragon but he wanted to look after the king and queen and the castle.

By Imaani

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