☰ Young Enterprise at the Summer Fayre

Young Enterprise at the Summer Fayre

Posted on: July 6th 2018

Young Enterprise at the Summer Fayre

At the Summer Fayre, our Year 6 pupils had the opportunity to sell items from their Young Enterprise projects, that they have been working on this year.

Read some reports from Year 6:

Neon Panthers at the Summer Fayre
At the Summer Fayre the Neon Panthers did very well. We sold a lot of things and collected a lot of pre-order money.

I spent the whole fayre on blackout which was a big hit! You would be given a blindfold and would hold onto a rope, which you would follow while blindfolded while I made animal noises and said things like “Uh oh, I hear the chimpanzees it looks like they got here before us, look out for banana peels!” Overall it was really fun and many people came back to have another go!

Ava and Georgie were doing pick’n’mix and cork bottles which were brilliant. The pic’n’mix was so popular that we had to go and buy more candy! The cork bottles did very well - we collected all the pre-order money and sold tonnes, but I feel like we could have made a few more, as many people came to buy one but couldn't because we had ran out.

We also did a raffle which was run by Charlotte. We collected a lot of money and the three happy people went away with the prizes. 1st prize was either giant slime or football a box of orbeez and a squishy. 2nd prize was either giant slime or football (whatever 1st didn’t want) and a box of orbeez. 3rd prize was a squishy and a box of orbeez.

By Amelie R


Simple Smiles at the Summer Fayre
The Summer Fayre was a great success especially for Young Enterprise.

Our group, Simple Smiles did very well. We made a lot of profit mainly thanks to our raffle, one person spent about £25 on raffle tickets alone. Our slime was a great success, everyone wanted to buy it and everyone loved it. Our game ‘Find Mr A’ involved six Mr As hidden around the playground. If you found him you got a skittles packet, even if you didn’t you still got a lollipop. ‘Find Mr A’ didn’t get much profit so we decided to change the game and just sell the sweets (prizes) for 50p. That helped us a lot because the game wasn’t getting much attention but we still, thanks to that idea, managed to make profit.

Overall it was a really fun experience and I would do it again if I had the opportunity.

By Oliver O


Summer Fayre Young Enterprise
I enjoyed the Summer Fayre and our products sold really well. We even sold out of all our keyrings and started selling the shells we bought for decoration.

We sold keyrings and had two games running, they were called 'football shootout' and 'how many sweets in a jar'. 'Football shootout' was when we stuck teachers faces on a large painted sheet of cardboard and people tried to hit the teachers to gain points. The first place prize was a mason jar cup filled with sweets, the second place was an inflatable drinks holder and a pack of sweets and the third place was just a pack of sweets.

'How many sweets in a jar' was a game where we filled a jar full of sweets and we knew how many sweets were in the jar but we would not say it and our customers would guess how many sweets are in that jar. The person who guesses the closest wins the jar.

Our group was called Game Lock and though we had lots of amazing experiences, there were a couple of things that went down hill. We had a rota but it didn’t work out. Our rota got a little muddled so we went around finding our own way but it seemed to turn out ok. It was the best experience I’ve ever had and I’m so glad we got the chance to do it. I’m also so grateful for the Young Enterprise team and all the teachers who helped us in the process like Mr Ashton and Mr Jowett.

By Tabitha

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