☰ Form 5 & 6 Trip to France: Day #3

Form 5 & 6 Trip to France: Day #3

Posted on: May 26th 2016

Day 3: What a fantastic day today has been! All slept well and woke up to a sunny day in Hardelot. Our first trip out was to the Hardelot biscuit factory, where we watched biscuits being made and learned what the ingredients were. We tasted lovely biscuits and bought our souvenirs to take home - some yummy recipes!

We then jumped on the coach to spend time at the Goat Farm, which was a very close to nature experience (even down to the eco toilet!), where the children baked their own pain au chocolat, and got up close and personal with a whole load of goats, even learning how to milk one! They then learned how goats cheese was made and made their own by straining and filling a mould. They tasted some already made fresh goats cheese with herbs and even had time to make up a song about goat's milk! It really was an amazing experience for the children and the weather was so lovely we had a picnic in the garden.

Later on, we had a walk through the sand dunes at Stella Maris and learned all about the different flora and fauna there and had a good old hike to walk off lunch, before heading to the supermarket to pick up some last minute gifts.

Everyone's in bed now and looking forward to our visit to the school tomorrow in Hardelot, as well as the WWII museum. It's gone so fast and we'll be home before you know it!


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