☰ Anti-Bullying Week 16th - 20th November

Anti-Bullying Week 16th - 20th November

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As a mother of four, I know all too well the feelings of despair that come over you as a parent when your child comes home from school unhappy. The questions that start to run through your head: Why are they unhappy? What’s going on? What have I missed? What can I do to help them? The questions are endless and the answers can be difficult to deal with, particularly when it transpires that they are unhappy; not because they were tired after a long hard day at school and now have to sit down to do their homework, but because they are having problems with another child or children at school. More often than not these situations can be dealt with quickly and effectively before they become a big issue. The staff are committed to stamping out any inappropriate behaviour to ensure that all the children at Norfolk House and Montessori House feel secure and happy at school, and in order to do so, it is important that the staff are made aware of any issues.
This week during Anti-bullying week, our focus has been, ‘It’s time to say no!’ We have been talking to the children about their responsibility to themselves and to their friends; to stand up and say ‘enough!’ Besides looking at What bullying is and ensuring that the children have a good idea of what bullying looks like, we have been looking at the role of the bystander and how together we can stand against bullying. There was a range of thoughtful work completed by the pupils over the course of the week, including posters, stories, videos, circle times and assemblies. We look forward to sharing some of this work with you in the next newsletter.
The following link will lead you to some guidance produced for parents on Anti-bullying.


Deborah Gormley - Head of Pastoral Care

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