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Enterprise Club by Miss Clark

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Whether it is a young child pretending to cook and serve food at a restaurant or an older child organising a lemonade stand on a hot, summer day, children are naturally drawn to running a business.The Enterprise Activities Group was an opportunity to do just that!

In the first few weeks, the group discussed possible business ideas. They identified their customers as the Norfolk House community, including students, staff members, and teachers, and discussed what their customers need and want. Some suggestions of businesses included selling school supplies, toys, bracelets and jewellery, candy and sweets, and used books. We discussed how our business could benefit the community and fill a specific need and several group members noted that children often bring unhealthy snacks such as biscuits and crisps as a morning snack, despite NH’s “healthy snack” requirement.

The group thought that more children should be encouraged to eat fresh fruits and vegetables for snack. Consequently, the concept of Super Snacks! was invented. The group worked together to write a mission statement stating that their goal is to educate the NH community about the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables and sell a healthy snack option. With the catchy motto, “Get an edge with fruit and veg!” group members researched the health benefits of different fruits and vegetables and made advertisements promoting the consumption of healthy snacks.

While the group initially hoped to sell a different fruit and veg every week, logistics led us to select clementines as an easy to serve and highly enjoyable snack for the NH community. Super Snacks will be selling clementines every Wednesday, 11:05-11:25 and Friday, 3:20-3:50 until Christmas break for 40p per clementine. All profit will be donated to charity. We hope our business is a success!
Super Snacks!
Get an edge with fruit and veg!
Every Wednesday in the Playground, 11:05-11:25am
Every Friday, Travelling Salespeople, 3:20-3:50pm

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