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Football Match Reports V Highgate

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Match Report
Norfolk House School vs Highgate School
Friday 17th March

Goalkeeper: Ben Craven.
Defenders: Aaron Maharajah, Rahul Rajani and Sohan Dhana.
Midfielders: Oliver Osler, Tommy Embleton(Captain) and Alex Toggwiler.
Striker: Max Greenwood.
Substitutes: Daniel Seal, Zain Sabur.

From the first whistle, Norfolk House dominated the possession by quick, accurate passing which split Highgate’s defence in half making the first goal.

Tommy darted down the wing screaming “Pass, Pass!!!” finally he controlled the ball in his stride. He switched the ball from his left to his right foot. Boom! The ball hit the back of the net. Bursting with delight Tommy sprinted to his teammates, hugging them with joy.

Alex had the ball on the side of the pitch. Sprinting, Alex ran past a Highgate defender and placed the ball at the goalkeepers front post.
The goalkeeper raged silently. Alex celebrated like it was the best goal he had ever scored. He felt elated. The third goal came from Max Greenwood, our excellent striker. Highgate had the ball inside their own half and they were desperately trying to clear the ball. Tommy bravely slide tackled the Highgate defender on the right side of the pitch. The ball rolled like a hamster wheel rolling across the pitch. The ball came to Max, who guided the ball with a brilliant touch. Smash! The ball came off the inside of Max’s boot and curved into the top corner. But that wasn’t the end from Max.

Max had the ball outside the box. Nervously, he shot and the goalkeeper parried the ball in the direction of his own net. Hurrying, the Highgate goalkeeper sprang back onto his feet. He tapped the ball, but unfortunately it was not enough to stop the rolling ball getting into the back of the net.

Again, Max had the ball, hunting for his hat-trick. With his back facing toward the wide goal, he turned around the Highgate defender. Now with facing the goal he thought he might hit the ball. And hit it he did. The ball smashed into the top corner. He celebrated wildly. He had got his hat-trick!

Then, disaster struck! Highgate had there best chance yet. The Highgate player had a shot which deflected of Rahul, forcing the ball to roll slowly. Ben looked like he had the ball covered but it toppled out of his hand and through his legs. The ball was in the back of the net. But Norfolk House had not given up yet. The home side knew they could improve their  5-1 lead. So, Oliver controlled the ball deftly to the edge of the pitch and hit it into the back of the oppositions net. 

Next, came the best goal in the match. Aaron sprinted across the line of defence, taking the ball past four highgate players. Hurriedly, he took the ball past three more players and hit it home. To finish the game off Aaron hit a thunderbolt past the Highgate keeper.

Overall, Highgate played really well. But not as well as the Mighty Norfolk House School!


Norfolk House School : 8
Highgate School           :1
By Tommy Embleton

Report on Norfolk House School vs Highgate School

On the 17th of March Norfolk House School played Highgate School. Norfolk House had two teams and so did Highgate, a year 5 team and a year 6 team. The year 6 team had Zac, Felix, Daniel, Casper, Freddie,     Alex, Saul, Ben, Christian and I ,Luke. On the coach ride to Powerleague we were all excited. Zac scored the first goal and we all felt less pressured, all of us before the match expected a hard, hard match but it turned out that we were the ones who were scoring goals. Christian scored the next goal which went onto the post the rolled into the goal. Ben scored the last goal and by then there were only a few minutes left. We we were so close to getting a fourth, but the crossbar kept Felix’s shot out.

At the end of the match we all felt proud and knew we had played a great game of football. Our next match is against King Alfred on the 24th of march, we hope we win that as well.

By Luke Chesney

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