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Forest School - Miss Howden

Posted on: February 24th 2017 | Category:

Our weekly outings to Highgate Woods are a wonderful opportunity for the children to expand their creative play using natural resources.  There is always the option for lots of free play and the children use the trees and small shelters in the woods to indulge their imaginations.  They devise imagined worlds and characters together, learning how to play co-operatively.
The trees and logs are regularly put to good use for climbing practice.  This is a great way for the children to improve their balance and gross motor skills.  Over the course of the year children have become more far confident in their abilities to climb and they show greater independence.  Back in September they would often want an adult to support them by hand-holding, now many of them are walking along and balancing on logs unaided. 

This week we explored a new creative activity: leaf printing.  The leaf printing was done with scented paint.  The children enjoyed the tactile experience of feeling the dried out leaves contrasting with the wet paint as well as the added olfactory experience. The art they created was quite lovely too.

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